We are a modern charity organization.​

BRAVE · Nottingham is a Professional & Peer Support based Community working to hear, support, inform & empower men & women across the East Midlands since 2019.

Our Founder is Ray Cole, who works tirelessly to ensure every man & woman is getting the support they need and deserve. But after doing it all during lockdowns she realised that she couldn’t do it all alone. Ray recruited our sensational BRAVE・volunteers and Directors Crystal Foster and Kon-ick MacFarlane.

Crystal is our Operations Coordinator she keeps us all on task and ensures that BRAVE‧ has a secure foundation. Crystal makes sure individuals and projects do not slip through the cracks, making sure we are accountable to our community and trustees.

Kon-ick is our Business Director he ensures BRAVE is working in the right direction for the community while managing various projects to ensure our funding and outreach projects are on target.

Beginning in 2019 with a Talking Group at Nottingham Women’s Centre, we have continued to grow. In 2020 we worked with over 460 individuals. When the Covid pandemic hit we took our work online, using WhatsApp and Zoomto connect with our growing community. In December 2020 as the Nottingham Women’s Centre Peer Support Group we were nominated for and WON a Marsh Award for Innovative Peer Support.

Three directors of BRAVE Nottingham celebrating with confetti
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BRAVE Directors

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